Advantages membership

Being a member of SGV Maastricht offers you a lot of advantage and discounts! The most important ones we list below:

  • Free Access to the Driving Range at Het Rijk van Margraten
  • Locker (Bag etc.) for 50,- p.p. per year
  • Get-To-Know-Golf-Day for 49,- p.p.
  • Private Lessons on the Driving Range (price depends on the amount of participants, but starts at a mere 6 Euro for 50 minutes with 12 people)
  • One Day Course-Permission for Het Rijk van Margraten for 179,- p.p.
  • Program Course-Permission for Het Rijk van Margraten for 169,- p.p.
  • Program to get ClubHandicap 54 (GVB Course) starting at 119,- p.p.
  • Special discounts for all green fees (Weekdays & Weekends!) at Het Rijk van Margraten
  • Special SGV Maastricht meal for 12,50,- p.p. after a lesson or tournament
  • FREE handicap registration with the NGF
  • Automatically a Member of the Nederlandse Studenten Golf Vereniging (NSGV), as well
  • FREE “Golfjournaal”

Click here for more details about these great offers!   We would love to see you as a Member at one of our events or tournaments organized by the SGV. Also, non-members are more than welcome to get to know our association.

How to become a member

Simple. Fill in our digital form and become a member today. By registering, you authorize the SGV to debit the annual membership fee of 80 euros. Subsequently, you will receive your membership that runs from the 1st of September 2022 until the 31st of August 2023. Membership runs until unsubscription by the member. However, please note that in order to become a member of the SGV Maastricht, you are obliged to join UM SPORTS with a “Sports” Membership. Within between two and 10 weeks your pass will be waiting for you at the reception of This “Sports” Membership also included a great variation of classes with UM SPORTS.  For more information on the UM SPORTS memberships see here.

For the Beginners

For all of our members who have not yet gotten their GVB license/Handicap54 we offer the possibility to specifically train for this during our free weekly training sessions and to then take the theory exam at the Rijk van Margraten. Furthermore, there will the possibility to go over the theory during trainings as well.

Pass system

Members of SGV Maastricht receive a membership pass that grants access to the course, course facilities and discounts for SGV members. After having become a member, the pass of the Dutch Golf Federation (NGF) can be picked up at the counter of Het Rijk van Margraten. This will take some time, if you want to reassure your pass will be there, do not hesitate to send us an email. This NGF pass will also be your SGV membership pass, giving your discounts on green fees and other discounts at Het Rijk van Margraten! NB. Please bring your ID and UM card when picking up your pass.

Communicating any changes

Moving to another address or other questions about the membership? Please send an email to


Your membership is automatically renewed each year. If you want to unsubscribe, simply give us notice before the 31st of July. To unsubscribe mail to

I want to retain my GVB status after my membership of SGV

Members who want to retain their GVB status after their studies can become former members. This way you become a member of the Golf Vereniging Nederland (GVN) and therewith retain your GVB status. For more information go to When you choose to unsubscribe as a member of SGV, you can indicate you want to become a former member. Please do so by mailing to secretary.sgvm@gmail.comwith the subject “Former Member SGV Maastricht”.

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