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Board 2022-2023

Albert Claudet              President president.sgvm@gmail.com 

Veronica Vernier          Vice President sgvmaastricht@gmail.com

Kasia Kuliberda.           Secretary secretary.sgvm@gmail.com

Marco Di Francesco     Treasurer sgvmaastricht@gmail.com

Anna Dowling               External Relations Commissioner sgvmaastricht@gmail.com


Vice President



External Relations

Annually a range of activities and at least one competition will be organised such as the Golf Autumn tournament. These activities could not be held without the help of enthousiastic memberss of the SGV. You can always send an email if you might be interested in getting involved. Every year we are looking for members of the following committees: Golf Autumn/Spring Committee; organisation of the annual Golf Autumn/Spring Tournament Committee; attracting new sponsors & partners Cash Checking Committee; If you have any questions or you consider joining one of our committees, please send an email to sgvmaastricht@gmail.com

Partners and Sponsors
Het Rijk van Margraten, UM Sports, MUSST

The idea to start SGV Maastricht originated in 2004. Some lessons were organised in cooperation with the then Backerbosch course in Cadier en Keer. In the beginning of 2006 further professionalization took place. The association became clearly structured, a promotion campaign was started and connections sought with other Student Golf Associations in the Netherlands. In 2007 SGV Maastricht moved to a new Golf Course, Maastricht International Golf (MIG), situated on the Dousberg on the outskirts of Maastricht. In 2012 the course was renamed, and now goes by the name International Golf Maastricht (IGM). However, SGV had to move out IGM and went to Het Rijk Van Margraten. There the collaboration with UM Sports and MUSST started. The board encourages members to train in the weekend and on the golf course. Trainings are organized on Golf Tuesdays starting at 7pm.

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