Would you like to organize a clinic with some of your friends, company or study association you are in? Are you interested in a social way to get to know each other and an introduction to golfing? This is by all means possible! Please inquire about it and send an email to



Club Championship

Every year the famous title for Club Champion of the SGV will be highly competitive during several playing days this year. Go to our calendar and follow our website and social media.


Golf Classic

This annual event is organized for students by the SGV Maastricht, and has become a well-known tradition among the other SGV’s in the Netherlands. During this day there are nice prizes to win, while everybody is dressed in traditional golfing outfits. Therefore there will of course also be a prize for the one who is best dressed! A big barbecue and drinks will bring a nice conclusion to this event.



If you want to know what activities there will be this year, find everything on our calendar.


Photo’s and Social Media

Photos of all our activities can be found on our instagram page.

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